MemberPro 2003
  • Front Desk Check In
  • Capture/Display Member photos for entry verification
  • Front Desk Messages - Expired Membership, Happy Birthday, etc.
  • Attendance Reports
  • Billing and Collections - EFT billing module interfaces with PCCharge and ICVerify
  • Quickly print and send customized letters - mailmerge with existing Word Documents
  • Enhances your existing Club Management Solution - will run stand alone and interfaces with ClubRunner and Aphelion (Aerobitron conversion available)
  • Financial Reports - A/R
  • Print Mailing Labels
  • Personal Training - Track PT Sessions, interfaces with MicroFit HealthWizard, Diet Manager and Exercise Pro.
  • Payroll - automated your payroll
  • Commissions - Quickly calculate commissions for Sales staff and generate invidual Commissions Statements.
  • Quickly pays for itself with 1 membership.

Price - $399.99